Online Learning Games (创建在线游戏)

Designed specifically for busy Chinese teachers, this tool allows you to create engaging online Chinese learning games in a few clicks! Click the Create button to create a new game and click the game name link to preview the game before you share it with your students.

If most of your students use mobile devices, you can get the QR codes and share them with your students. Students can simply scan the QR code and start to play!

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  • - Get the QR code of the game. Students can use their mobile devices to scan the QR code and play the game.
  • - Preview the game and share the game link.
  • - View, edit, and print the game results
  • - Clear the game results.
  • - Click it to create a new game with a vocab list from your vocab lists.
  • - Select a game you created and click this button to update its vocab list and other settings.
  • - Select games and move them to a new folder. When the orginal folder becomes empty, it will be removed automatically.
  • - Delete the game(s) you selected.
  • - Generate the link of the game you selected and copy it into your clipboard.

Saved Vocab Lists

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